Saturday, October 2, 2010

It has been awhile…

Quite some time has gone by since I last posted an article on my blog.  Part of the reason is I was on vacation for a few weeks, another reason is school has started back up, and yet another reason is just pure laziness. 

In addition to those lame excuses I’ve been working on getting up to speed with Ruby.  I’ve dabbled with Ruby off and on for a little bit now.  I’ve used ruby to do a proof of concept here at work.  The POC worked out but was converted over to C# and MVC because our production environment set up.

In the next week I will start blogging about my experiences with IronRuby.  The first post will be around how I’m using IronRuby and Entity Framework 4 to access a MS SQL Server DB.  I’ll follow that up with either more details on that project or how I’m using RSpec and Cucumber to test our .NET based web applications.

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